The Battle of Southend Sands is the name given to an incident during 'Fanny' Barton's first stint as CO of Hornet Squadron, when A Flight accidentally engaged Bristol Blenheim bombers in combat, believing the aircraft to be Junkers Ju-88s.[1]

The aircraft claimed by Hornet Squadron after the battle consisted of two Ju-88s destroyed, one Ju-88 severely damaged/probaly destroyed and three Messerschmitt Bf-109s damaged, including one probably destroyed.[2]

When Squadron Leader Rex took command, he briefly explained how a fault in the tracking system had resulted in British aircraft flying over England were mistaken for German aircraft flying over the North Sea.[3] He then sent 'Fanny' Barton to the Blenheim squadron's base at Manston to apologise to the CO.[4]

Due to his being called to the inquiry into the incident, combined with a severe bout of earache, Fanny Barton did not rejoin Hornet Squadron until the beginning of October. [5]

While leading the reformed Hornet Squadron to intercept a large raid in September 1940, Barton briefly remembered his visit to Manston a year earlier. [6]


This incident is based on the real life event which later became known as the Battle of Barking Creek.[7]


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