The De Havilland DH.82 Tiger Moth was the RAF's standard initial training aircraft during World War 2, entering service in 1931, and not being replaced by De Havilland Canada Chipmunks until the early 1950s.[3]

Appearances in Piece of CakeEdit

The NovelEdit

In Chapter 8 (August 1940) Air Commodore 'Baggy' Bletchley uses a Tiger Moth to fly to Bodkin Hazel, to inform Hornet Squadron that the altitude code for radio transmissions had been changed, with the stated 'angels' being four thousand feet below the true height instead of two thousand. Bletchley decided to deliver the news in person because the telephone lines at Bodkin were out of action, and using a Tiger Moth would have been quicker than sending a dispatch rider.[4]

The MiniseriesEdit

At the beginning of Episode 1, a Tiger Moth (number 59) is seen in the background while Squadron Leader Ramsey is taxiing towards the new slit trench. A Tiger Moth - possibly the same aircraft - is seen later in the same episode in the background at La Troquet, when Hornet Squadron arrive in France.[5]



  1. Some examples were fitted with racks to carry small bombs for anti U-Boat duties.


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