Hart (usually known as CH3) was an American Pilot who was posted to Hornet Squadron as a replacement for Starr, following the latter's death.


Early LifeEdit

Before joinging Hornet Squadron, Hart had fought with the Republican forces in the Spanish Civil War, as well as a stint with the Chinese Air force against the Japanese.[1]

Service with Hornet SquadronEdit


The character of Hart was inspired by the presence of several American pilots serving with the RAF in the early stages of the war, including Jimmy Davies, who shared Biggin Hill's first kill of the war - a Dornier 17 - with a British Flight Sergeant.

Hart's fate in Piece of CakeEdit

This differs between the two versions of the story. The book ends with Hart following Barton in an attack against a mass bomber formation.[2] In the TV Series, Hart is last seen bailing out of his damaged aircraft with his parachute on fire.[3]

Hart does not feature in A Good Clean Fight, the sequel to Piece of Cake.


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