Flying Officer 'Skull' Skelton is the Intelligence Officer for Hornet Squadron in the Derek Robinson novels Piece of Cake and A Good Clean Fight.

Skull is a Volunteer Reserve officer. Before his call-up, he was a Cambridge Don, specialising in Modern History. [3] His initial lack of knowledge regarding terminology indicates that his call-up was carried out in a hurry.[N 3]

During the discussion about the Battle of Southend Sands, Skull points out that it is very difficult, in the confusion of aerial combat, to distinguish a German aircraft from a British one.

He is good at card tricks,[2] but dislikes flying, which he considers un-natural,[N 4] and squirrels.


  1. Nickname awarded during his first evening with the Squadron).[2]
  2. He is described as 'middleaged'.[3]
  3. The novel and mini series differ on when Skull was called to active service. The novel states he arrived after the death of Squadron leader Ramsey. In the mini series, he is already assigned to Hornet Squadron, and witnesses Ramsey's accident, prompting him to remark that he had been worried about the location of that particular slit trench.
  4. Skull's repeated admissions regarding this prompts 'Uncle' Kellaway to ask if Skull wouldn't have been happier in the Army.[5]


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